Metro East Softball Association

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Team Registration Form
Draft Registration Form
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New Registration Guidelines, please read carefully!!

We will have 2 different registration forms and signup sessions. We now have Team Registration and Draft Registration. Please make sure you select the correct registration form, and follow the procedures below when registering.

Team Registration will be for players who are already on a team, those players will signup through their Head Coach. The Coaches will then attend one of our Team Registration signup sessions and register their entire team.  The head coaches with existing teams are already aware of the registration changes.

Draft Registration is for players who are not on a team. These players will be signed up as individuals, must go through our player draft, and will be placed on a team. Please note that once a player is signed up as a Draft Player they must remain a draft player and cannot be picked up by a team before the draft. This has been put into effect due to a number of issues in the past regarding players and the draft process.

All registration sessions will be posted with dates, times, and which session they are (Draft or Team). The registration requirements below are still in effect regardless of a Draft or Team Registration.


(1) pay with check, money order, or exact amount of cash;
Bring participant's birth certificate; proof of age only, a copy is not retained on file. Viewing purposes only.

(3) A
biological parent with picture ID must be present to sign the registration form witnessed by a MESA Board member OR bring a completed registration form with notarized signature of biological parent (step-parents, grandparents, and other non-biological parents cannot sign the registration form). 

(4) Altered registration forms will NOT be accepted. Forms printed from tablets or mobile devices will not be accepted as they do not print correctly.

(5) 15U Girls who are looking for a team should complete a Player Information Form which will be given to Coaches seeking additional 15U players.

Please Note:  We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are requiring a Board Member witnessed signed registration form, or proper notarized signature because several forged registration forms have been submitted in the past. 

T-ball (4U) - ages 3.5 and 4
Coach Pitch (6U) - ages 5 and 6
Machine Pitch (8U) - ages 7 and 8 (or 1st grade)
Fastpitch Softball (10U and 12U) - ages 9 to 12
Fastpitch Softball - (15U) - ages 12 to 15
Player's age determined by her age on January 1st of the current calendar year.

Please don't let the low cost of our league fees cause you concern.  MESA offers more for it's teams than leagues that charge three times what we charge.  Your fee gets you a 12 game season in the spring, an 8 game double header season in summer, and an 8 game season in the fall (rain-outs will be made up).  We have paid field workers, paid score keepers, and we have two umpires per game for 10U and up (one umpire for 6U and 8U).  Our coaches don't have to do anything but coach the game. 

Registration Fee's Per Player:

4U - $25
6U - $50
8U - $55
10U - $65 (Full Team Registration Only)
12U - $65 (Full Team Registration Only)
15U - $70
(Full Team Registration Only)

Registration fee's will not be refunded after the player draft has been concluded, regardless of whether the participant was drafted or selected a team on their own. Participants who quit their team after the draft will not receive a refund of their registration fee.

Registration fee's pay for umpires, insurance, scorekeepers, field workers, game balls, and other miscellaneous expenses. Registration fees do not pay for uniforms or equipment.

Practice and Game Day Information:

1) Season starts end of March and will end in May.

2) There could be designated game days for age groups if we can schedule that way.

3) Games are played Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

4) Practice days, times, location, and frequency are determined by the coaches.

5) We are unable to provide any information regarding your daughter's practices.

If you have any questions regarding sign ups, please email
Michelle Whitsell at or Tracie Moseley at